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Halloween Home Inspector


Buying a home can be scary and exhilarating. Most properties have multiple systems that make a home more comfortable and safe. Do you realize the seasons play a role in home maintenance? Lower temperatures bring multiple issues into focus:

  1. Switch to heat on the HVAC side.

    • Time to cover the A/C Condenser or Swamp Cooler

    • Measure your device prior to buying a cover

    • A good time to replace HVAC Filter (Buy packages of three)

    • Good time to consider upgrade to Nest Thermostat or Ecobee

  2. Outside water concerns.

    • Ice is the strongest enemy. It is able to break copper, steel and even concrete

    • Disconnect outside hoses, drain, then stash for winter

    • Lawn Sprinklers need to be blown out with compressed air prior to first frost

    • Down Spouts: Make sure the outflow is directed away from foundation or walkways.

    • Make sure the ends of the down spout extensions are not smashed or obstructed.

  3. Gutter Cleaning: Late fall cleaning after the leaves have fallen

    • Prevents ice dams and gutter damage

  4. Gap Maintenance: Calking, sealing

    • Doors and windows:  Check for gaps that allow infiltration of cold air

    • Doors should be checked for Seal issues and threshold gaps

    • The whole house exterior should be checked for gaps that would allow mice or their buddies in.

  5. Composting Concerns: Critters

    • Composting on the ground can lead to rat issues

    • One solution: Better Composter or two…...

  6. Home Security: Winter Research

    • First research Z-Wave (wireless Internet of Things technology)

    • Contract or DIY decision.  ADT sells a mixture of Z-Wave and other (Contract)

    • Do you need a Hub to bring it all together?  Be aware there is a big list of big players

    • There is a Z-Wave Hub called Homey from Athom that senses a variety of devices

    • This solution will automatically sense Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices (Kwickset door locks or Nest Thermostats)


Home Inspection:

Tilley Home Inspection's goal is to not only report on home, but also help the owner take care of their investment.





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