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So...what's next?!

August 27, 2019


Today we are going to chat about what the process looks like once you're under contract. ✔️


You got your offer accepted, yay, and now you are officially under contract. What do you do next? The home buying process is broken down into several dates and deadlines. I like to think of these as checkpoints along the way. 💡When you are purchasing a home in Colorado, it is the buyer's responsibility to do their homework to ensure they are 100% moving forward with the purchase. It is the buyer's job to get any inspections they desire, reviewing title work, and communicating about any further documentation needed.🏠


So how the heck do you know what to do? As a predominantly buyer's agent, my process entails giving each of my client's weekly homework assignments. We break down deadlines into bite-sized pieced with specific goals. Below is an example of weekly "homework" that I assign:


⚠️Tuesday, 8/06 Deadline⚠️: Due Diligence Objection – This is your time to object/terminate the contract based on any documents you received from the seller. This would be any of the roofing receipts I sent or the average utility costs.


Homework: Please let me know if there is any reason, based on the attached documents, that you'd want to terminate the contract


When you breakdown each set of things to do it makes the process so much easier! How I do things will be different from someone else. I have found that by giving my buyers assignments to do along the way, we fly through the under contract process! It's a lot easier than most folks think!


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