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Falling in Real Estate Love

February 5, 2020




Let's start with a little story. A couple pulls up to a home that was a little bit outside their search radius. After terminating on a previous home due to inspection items, the sting was still very fresh. 


A fully renovated bungalow just ten minutes from Downtown. It was close to Sloan's Lake, near the light rail, and from the photos online, it looked perfect. From the moment the couple drove up and saw the coral front door, they knew it was love at first sight. 


How do I know this feeling is real? Because I was that couple that fell in love with my house from the first sight! 


Falling in real estate love is the real deal. Once you've walked into a space that makes your heart light up, you'll want to make sure your home is as perfect for you, as you are for it! Let's talk about three costly home repairs that can leave you loveless.


Foundation: Yikes, I quiver every time I hear this word. Dealing with foundation problems can be a lifelong commitment and not the right kind. With money, you can fix just about anything. When you're touring a home, look for the telltale signs of foundation problems. One of the signs to look for will be diagonal cracks around door and window frames. You can also get a great idea if the foundation has moved by exposed basement walls.


Sewer Line: Oooooo boy, this can be a real stinker. Sewer line replacements can skyrocket to thousands of dollars. Thankfully, during the inspection period, you can get a sewer scope done. A sewer scope will reveal any holes, breaks, or cracks in the line that could lead to some seriously high dollar fixes. 


HVAC: Replacing your cooling and heating units will be the least fun dollars you can spend. If your new home needs an entirely new furnace, this can be lead to some top dollar spending. So, make sure when you get your inspection done, have an HVAC professional look over your systems to ensure they are in good working condition!


Falling in love with your new home is the easy part! Making sure that you are not buying a lemon takes a little more investigation! Thankfully, you have the right to have an inspection where professionals come and give you insight! 



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